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Come back home to your place of safety, serenity, and oneness with all of life

Nature offers unconditional acceptance.  Many of us have been fighting with body image issues all of our lives, so hanging out naked with other people—or simply being alone in the embrace of a natural setting—can be deeply healing.  It also can feel highly liberating!  One friend recently told me that one of the most exciting erotic experiences of his life happened alone, in the desert, when he straddled a big fallen tree and masturbated!

CHOOSE YOUR SAFE SPACE CAREFULLY.  Look for safe places where you can swim or sunbathe naked!   The obvious choice is a sanctioned nude beach or resort where you can go and plant your bare ass next to the Earth and water, under the sky, among friends.  However, for those of us who aren’t conveniently located to such places, there’s still hope!  The key things to remember are:  Take Your Time, Observe Your Surroundings, and Hold an Intention for Fully Honoring the Place and All Beings Who are There (including any people).  FACT:  The picture to the right of this article was a self-portrait that I took at Jackson Lake, in Wyoming, 0.9 miles from a major visitor's center, in high season.   How did I do it?  I walked.  I sat quietly.  I observed.  I breathed.  I said prayers to honor the place where I was at, asking to only bring good things to myself, all people, and all beings...and then, finally, I got naked!

Here are some simple and highly effective steps you can follow, wherever you may be, to increase your chances of finding safe spaces to enjoy nature by yourself--and maybe even get naked:

  •    Whether you’re in New York, Boise, Topeka, or Berlin, there’s a way out, and--depending on the season and climate--it might only involve a short ride by train, car, or ferry.  National Forests and are generally a safe bet, since they’re vast, with abundant space for being alone, as long as you’re willing to get off the beaten path and be a little creative.   Also, with a little steadfast research and inquiry, you're likely to discover friendly nudist campgrounds or privately-owned lands within a half-day's travel less, where the owners are honored to serve as a sanctuary for people who like to get naked.

  •      90% of people only go hiking on weekends or holidays.  Take a day off!  You’ll likely have the whole forest or lake to yourself.

  • FOLLOW YOUR HEART (and use common sense!)  
  •   There are no laws against nudity on most federal lands in the United States, including national forests and national parks, with the exception of those which also fall within a municipality (ie. Cape Cod National Seashore in Provincetown, MA is subject to the laws of the city of Provincetown).  However, your goal is to be alone in the splendor of nature, and to honor the land.  The best way to do this is to make sure that your excursion is for you and you alone (or perhaps for a special friend you take with you), hence eliminating the risk of drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.

  •     This is critically important.  
  • The intentions you bring can literally lead you to magical places, make you invisible, and give you all the space you need.  When you reach the trailhead or point of embarkation to your secluded place, it helps to repeat to yourself “I come here to honor this place and myself.  My time here is a blessing to me, to this place, and all beings.  Everything I do here is to honor this place, all beings, and myself.”  Hold this in your heart the entire time you’re there.  In native traditions of most parts of all parts of the world, along with a spoken prayer, it's also customary to make a small offering to the Earth near the trailhead, such as tobacco or even a tiny piece of fabric tied in an obscure place in a tree. 

  •     Most people who go hiking in the forest, the desert, or the mountains are seeking points “higher” and “further”.  Try this:  Veer off of the trail soon after it starts!  Go into the forest, into the desert…follow that little stream off to the side…and you’ll be amazed by how soon you’ll find quietude.  This same principle also applies to scenic byways.  The Blue Ridge Parkway, for instance, where I live in western North Carolina, winds through the mountains for hundreds of miles, but most people only stop at designated parking lots.  All you need is a safe, legal place to pull your car off of the road!  That way, you literally have access to hundreds of miles of unexplored, unpopulated territory, where virtually no one goes…except you!

  •   It helps to visit a spot at least several times before you decide how much privacy you really have.  It can also be fun to enjoy your time in nature in a speedo, a sarong, or your favorite underwear until you feel really comfortable about the level of privacy you can enjoy in your chosen spot.  Just taking off those outer layers and removing them is liberating in itself!  Baring your skin to the sun and the wind is immensely liberating and healing.

  •   You might enjoy simply lying down on the ground, fully-clothed.  This in itself can work wonders for a weary soul whose life has been filled with so much “doing”.  Let go, and allow yourself to feel your own weight.  Visualize giving some of your heavy burdens to the earth, and letting the roots of trees use them as compost.  Visualize your heaviness trickling down into the groundwater and feeling the waters of spring. If it’s warm outside and you feel safe and nurtured in this place, you can gradually remove clothing and enjoy the sun.  

  •      Love and honor your body.  Take your time.  Regardless of how much clothing you’re wearing or not wearing, or how much privacy you find/don’t find, the main point of this beautiful endeavor is to give yourself some love!  Lay your hands on various parts of your body and leave them there, still, for some time in each spot.  (Note that honoring your body is a very different thing than groping it.  If you're in a semi-public place, find the best way to honor your own body with respect to the place where you are located, so that you can be completely safe to bask in the love you're giving yourself.)  Give thanks for the quiet and peace, and let it sink in.  This peace that you cultivate will slowly spread through your surroundings.  If there are other people in the vicinity, you might notice how the more at peace you become, the more your surroundings might “calm down”.  Try it!  Watch as the world shifts, from within YOU…outward.  This is one of the primary principles of Tantra:  “As Within, So Without”.  MmmmHmmmm!  Thank You. 

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