The Elements of Tantric Sex for Men

a Body-to-Body, Heart-to-Heart, Explicitly Erotic Play-Shop for MEN and their Lovers

Most men's sex ends with an ejaculation in 20 minutes or less. I'm a sex coach who has worked with thousands of men in groups, 1-on-1 and even with porn stars on erotic film sets to re-discover secrets of how we connect, what turns us the fuck on, and how we can change "ordinary" sex into extraordinary pleasure and FUN!

I've been guiding men into states of whole-body cathartic erotic pleasure for 20 years, and now, I would like to introduce you to my BIG toolbox. The tools I'm going to show you will catapult our collective vision out of the suck-fuck-cum routine, and into another realm of possibility.

Brad Amberheart, Tantric Sex Coach

Here are some tools you can expect to add to your toolbox by the end of this play-shop:

The Keynote Affirmation for Tantric Sex:

Everything we share here is of maximum possible benefit to you, to me, our loved ones, and this world.

The Ecstasy of Letting Go:

Activate your deepest sense of freedom and immense pleasure by learning to surrender into a space where you feel safe and reactivated by a sense of deep inner knowing that you're off the hook! There's no performance here--only celebration-and you get to enjoy the living fuck out of yourself!

Reclaiming Your Ecstatic Body:

Learn how to call on a Universal power greater than you--combined with tender, loving, kind, and sensual human touch--to activate your pleasure-body in a way which has been missing in our sex-deficient culture for far too long!

The Resounding Power of FUCK YES!

Forget about ever doing anything other than what thoroughly delights you! We'll be practicing taking turns asking for exactly what we want, saying no to what we don't want, and saying "fuck yes" to what we're fully ready to enjoy!

Unlocking the Sacred Pelvis

Use your teeth (literally) to unlock your man's pelvis.

Many of us are holding trauma which has lodged in our 2nd chakra (pelvis, sacrum) and can only be released in a safe, nurturing environment where we can fully free our voice and be met by a partner who knows exactly when to pause and breathe with us...and when to go in deep.

When this locked part of our body begins to open to sensation, we tend to clench, shut down, and guard ourselves. This important section of our play-shop is about fully meeting our man by primally "going in deep" to his most sensitive spots, while finding just the perfect communication to allow him to breathe...and release...a lifetime of unconscious tension which has held him back from fully experiencing whole-body orgasmic pleasure...until now....

Cum-Control and Body-to-Heart Pleasure Play-Shop

Access my toolbox full of special tricks for prolonged, body-body, heart-to-heart excitement:

Pelvic-Heart (Tantric) Rub-Downs

Lengthening the Spine & Head-to-Toe Touch

Sex Noise

Chakra Breathing & Partnered Tantric Breathing

Toning, Vibration, & Fuck-Noise

PC Muscle Contractions

Eye Contact

Creative Cock-Stroke Fun

Slowing Down and Pausing

Our Sex is Bigger than Us

(ie. How to have Cosmic Sex)

Evolved, heightened Tantric sex begins and ends with an awareness that our SEX is of ultimate benefit to us, the people we love, and this world. Learn how to connect yourself with the bigger picture while you're having sex. Take your sex to new levels by learning to hold an awareness of the support available to us in the Universe, and how our pleasure both feeds that Source and is fed by the Source.


My Video Series, "The Elements of Tantric Sex for Men", Online Classes

—Brad Amberheart, Tantric Sex Coach

"Even before we ever touched, there was something present which many, many people never get. Many people never get it because they don’t even know they’re seeking it, and the reason they keep seeking it is because they never got it."

The phenomenon of ejaculation control alone has the potential to completely turn men's sex lives inside-out in a good way! Combine a bit of cum control with the simple knowledge that our hottest SEX is a catalyst for good health and tool to reconnect us with our sense of purpose in life, and SHA-BANG! We've got a recipe for an orgasm that never ends. Our sex could literally be transformed from "so-so" to mind-blowing, just by putting a few simple principles into regular practice.

Brad Amberheart demonstrates "The Elements of Tantric Sex" to a group of adult video models during the filming of Connect the Dots--an educational erotic video for Himeros TV.