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Guess What?

I get to teach guys how to have better sex...on camera!  I've worked on 6 film sets and have contributed to more than 120 evolutionary gay erotic films.

I've also been in more than 10  films with my most dynamic and fun male lovers!  You can click here to watch them all at
Himeros TV

I've teamed up with Himeros TV and 4 other Tantric Sex coaches to write hot, evolutionary fuck-flicks that have taken gay sex to the next level...on film!

I would highly encourage EVERYONE to explore Himeros TV--even just for a month or two--and peruse its vast library of exciting, innovative, and unparalleled gay erotica.  Get hard, get excited, and get inspired!

Each week, a brand-new, state-of-the-art gay erotic film is released by Himeros.  

There are a LOT of hungry men out there, and Himeros is now offering the world's most extensive library of conscious, thrilling, male-male erotica in the world!  Our express intent is to inspire audiences to begin to take action to create the erotic lives we really desire.  What you're about to see on screen is designed to inspire YOU to get off your ass, start asking the Universe for what YOU really want in your sex life, and start watching your dreams come true!