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  • Tom, New York City.  Brad went out of his way to answer my questions and make sure that I was comfortable with the work we would be doing. This immediately proved to me that he cares about his clients and does not work in haste, which I believe sets him apart in his field. Our session was very powerful. Brad reached me on an emotional level I have never experienced with any other practitioner before. His work and gentle conversation helped me come to a very intense sense of self-awareness. I was surprised as to how emotionally stimulating the session was. I left with a tremendous sense of rejuvenation, both of body and spirit. Brad is clearly a gifted healer. He will check in with you throughout the session to make sure you are getting what you need. I would recommend that anyone try this unique experience.

  • Allen, Key West, Florida.  This was my first visit to Brad, and it was truly remarkable. His work and gift came recommended to me from a respected NYC Body Electric affiliate whom I fully trust. The most staying images I have taken from this experience are those of birth and rebirth. As this session proceeded, I felt increased awakening of all senses - of being "with" and "in" my body. It was cathartic in good and unexpected ways including tears. This visit is still very much with me and on my mind. I found Brad to be a fine and giving person, and he is doing a very special sort of work with both physical and spiritual sensuality/awareness. No doubt here, he is a true resource. 

  • Mark, Boston.  Brad is an artist, a dancer, actor, musician...a creative, generous, passionate and compassionate man. He keeps his word and lives up to his promises. He turned our session into more than just fun and relaxation. Under his guidance it became a work of art. Even though my intentions were more on the serious side, there was passion, strength, laughter and pleasure. I hold in my mind's eye the picture of some unforgettable moments. I hadn't really thought about healing through sound, until Brad's profile brought it into awareness. If I hadn't been paying attention I might not have noticed how he gently wove this into our session. Since then, my awareness has been raised and despite always having considered myself a rather "un-musical" person, I have had several profoundly healing experiences with sound, and even been able to guide a friend into such a moment. Confidentiality should be automatically provided, but it's not always a given. Brad's respect for my privacy was real and acted upon. He takes this seriously. It's another strength of this fun-loving and trustworthy man. Among Brad's gifts are creating a fun, passionate space where so much more can happen. He's clearly put tremendous effort into cultivating wisdom beyond his years. He doesn't just honor the intentions brought to him. Instead like a magician, he creates a space where while everyone is focused on having fun, progress can be made on serious matters, intentions can move into reality, and lives can be changed.

  • Tom, Key West, FL.  I went to Brad after reading his other reviews in hopes that he could help me refocus some creative energy. HE DID! The freelance job that went away came back bigger and better than before. I have had a creative break through on a project that I have been working on for the last 20 years. Money I thought I would never see from a previous job showed up and my partner got good news about an award that he was up for. Even with all this I don't think the current flow of energy is done. Again I say WOW. I have never experienced anything quite like what happened yesterday afternoon, but I assure you it it is something I won't soon forget. I had no idea what to expect and after doing two sessions which were amazing and different I think a third would be even more amazing and completely different from the other two.

  • Bill, Atlanta.  After viewing Brad's profile for several weeks, I finally summon the courage to contact him. After several wonderful conversations through e-mails and phone calls, I wondered why I had hesitated. Brad is such a welcoming, compassionate and special man. He has a spiritual quality that immediately appealed to me.  Prior to our session, Brad provided instruction on how to prepare for the session and to specifically ask me to consider why I had chosen to come to him and what I thought our time together would achieve. As for the session itself, it exceeded any expectations I could have had. His studio is more like a spiritual sanctuary designed for healing, love, compassion and erotic expression. He gently and loving took my hand and led me through the door.  We talked, we laughed, we cried...each and every moment shared between the two of us was special within its own way and there were many. I have searched for words that could describe our time together and the only ones that come even close is pure bliss. I can honestly say I have never had an experience to touch me so deeply. I have already scheduled another session. If you have a session with Brad (and I highly recommend it) discard any preconceived expectations and open your mind and body for a wonderful ecstatic journey. 

  • JS, Hot Springs, NC.  My time spent with Brad was amazing, so much more than I could have imagined or hoped for. When I first contacted Brad, he asked me to create a mission statement as to what I wanted or expected to receive from our time together. I was struggling with self-acceptance issues relating to both my body image, and sexuality. From the moment I received my first hug, which radiated an intense warmth such as I have never experienced, I knew I had made a right choice in Brad. He is warm, gentle, caring, loving, giving, intuitive, spiritual... I could go on and on. He is such a beautiful creature, both inside and out.  I left Brad having accomplished my goal of improved acceptance of self and sexuality, worthy of receiving love. I left feeling as if I had just been to heaven and back, with a renewed perspective on life. My spirit soars with a renewed energy and anticipation for life. I definitely hope to be seeing Brad again soon.

  • Diego, Key West, FL.  From the minute Brad opened the door, I knew it was going to be a wonderful experience. Not only is he incredibly good looking, but also a beautiful soul with a terrific spirit.  It was absolutely the best experience I have ever had. I can not wait to take this journey again with Brad.

  • Richard, San Francisco.  I had seen Brad's website, which spoke of the sacredness of sexuality and the freedom that could be obtained by connecting the heart and body... I called, made the appointment and showed up... Brad worked hard to create a safe and "sacred" space where I would be allowed to relax and heal... His kindness and love created a space where my heart actually opened to new awareness of acceptance for my self... and where I am in my life. I would recommend Brad to anyone...especially to any one wanting to connect their sexuality and spirituality... 

  • PJ, Asheville, NC. I have had three Appointments with Brad. Each time I have experienced more then I expected. Just talking to him made me realize so much about myself. He helped me let go of my shame and guilt of my sexuality. He taught me that exploring new things is ok. He helped me feel at peace with myself.

  • Charles, Key West, FL.  Brad has a wonderful way of sharing and giving of himself. I still can close my eyes and see and feel that power of passion, ecstasy, and peace. As I have grown older, I felt that much of my passion was only on the surface and that my attractiveness to others had diminished. Thanks to our session, those feelings are gone and I feel in control and powerful. I am bike riding every morning at sun up along the ocean. I feel sexy inside and out. I will be back again for MORE! Thank you again, Brad!

  • Brian, Boston.  Brad is a joy! He has a very interesting past-a lot of spiritual experience and insights-which he has generously shared with me in our sessions by word and deed. During our sessions he is keenly alert to me and truly in the moment-it's such a gift for him to be completely present to me.

  • Dmitri, Key West, FL.  Brad, post session I'm experiencing more energy and energy flow; more mindfulness of the power of breath. Feeling recharged as opposed to spent. Easier to wake up in the morning; beginning the day with more vitality. Thank you!

  • Gary, Charlotte, NC.  I found myself shaking with anticipation from the moment I contacted Brad and started this journey with him. I found my spiritual sexual self elevated to new dimensions and levels of ecstatic bliss I had never experienced before. His soothing voice and calming mannerisms set the stage for the most relaxing and renewing experience of my life. He helped me to allow light to shine in the hidden recesses of my subconscious mind bringing shadow material in to awareness. He made me laugh with delight and helped me release all the baggage I carried with me with a wailing release. He greeted me with a comforting smile, many candles and the burning of sage. He took me through rebirth and then guided me on a most incredible adventure into my inner spiritual/sexual erotic self. The time we spent together was beautiful and most of all healing. This magical time we had will dance in my mind always. The beautiful songs he sang to me and the guitar music were just another of the many facets that make Brad a jewel of a man, reflecting light in multidirectional beams of peace and healing. I saw him with many mystical faces of ages past, familiar but unknown, all beautiful!

  • JR, Key West, FL.  From the moment I walked into the beautiful courtyard at his small, yet cozy cottage, I felt as though I was greeted by an old friend. His warm welcoming eyes from the very first moment took me on an amazing and mystical journey of spiritual and physical connection. Thank you for reminding me of the connection between my mind, my body & the spirit within. His work is activating and personal. His gift of psychic clarity and connection to his body took me on a ride I won't soon forget. Boyz - Get ready for a wonderful and life changing experience.  Remember again! Life is beautiful & wonderful!

  • David, New York City.  I traveled a considerable distance to do this session with Brad and would not hesitate to do that again.  He offered a unique type of session that had a strong spiritual component. One of the most memorable things about this session is that I felt an ecstatic flow that moved from the inside out, rather than being manipulated physically or mentally.  Upon meeting Brad, there was an immediate trust that allowed the entire session to flow seamlessly, and I left with the feeling that I had gotten closer to being able to tap into the universal flow of love energy.  I came to Brad with the intention of letting go of my judging/critical self and allowing trust in my inner self to develop, and now, a week later, those aspects are present and growing in my everyday life. I have moved closer to experiencing life "in the moment".