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Dec. 30, 2019
I'm super-excited to have just finished recording and editing my very first HOT GAY SEX STORY in audio form!  You can listen to it RIGHT HERE, free of charge.

This is the first of many euphorically-hot gay sex experiences I'm relaying in audio form.  If you really want to know more about what I "do" in my erotic Temple, all you need to do is listen to THIS story...

Enjoy!  And then...treat yourself to an entire podcast series specifically devoted to GAY MEN'S TANTRA!

Gay Tantra is the first podcast series in the world fully devoted to Tantra, Sexual Magic & Erotic Mysticism for Gay Men!  Indulge in delicious gay sex stories, discussions, interviews, guided meditations, and free sex-ercises you can enjoy at home!

 Also, CLICK HERE to view my blog--ecstatic revelations in the fine art of the written word...

Tantra  is one of the few surviving spiritual traditions which fully honors the BODY as a pathway to Spirit.  Most of the world's religions have taught us to ignore our body, condemn our body...or even hate it!  For practitioners of Tantra, this body is our temple, our vehicle to heaven.  

Some have said that many angels are lining up, waiting for a chance to come and live in a human body.  There are experiences to be had here on earth which some say even the angels pray to have...and WE HAVE IT.  Here we are, ALIVE, living on earth.  We have been granted the exclusive privilege of LIVING in this wonderful vessel of pleasure and joy, but sadly, so many of us have never fully claimed our right....

Isn't it time?


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