Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men

Change Your World from the Inside-Out
in person and via video conferencing
with Brad Amberheart

TANTRA teaches us how to find the marriage within ourselves of all of the parts we love...with all of the parts we have denied.  

TANTRA serves as a lense through which we can see our lives in a new way, to really make the most of our purpose and our passion.

TANTRIC Coaching incorporates all aspects of our being, from soul to sex and from spiritual to practical.  Tantra is best applied to ALL aspects of our lives.

Most of us immediately think of SEX when we hear the word "Tantra".  Why?  Because our SEX--which deserves just as much weight as our work life, our home life, our spiritual life--has somehow gotten stuffed into a tinier box which only comes out at certain times...only when allowed out...  

Tantric Coaching is designed to help us make more space in our lives for EVERYTHING which is important to us.  Sometimes it seems there is never going to be enough time, and yet--The invitation is to set aside some time to HAVE SOME FUN and let PLEASURE become your vehicle to explore the vast wilderness within yourself, so that you and others in this world can benefit from what you bring to life in this embodied existence on this planet!

Join me on a journey back home to who we really are!  Rates and variations of sessions are listed here.  Pick one, then call me to tell me 1) What excites the living hell out of you when you think about indulging in this session? 2) Where and When you would like to get together, and 3) What is is really ALIVE and IMPORTANT in your life RIGHT NOW!  What changes are you welcoming as you move through this part of your life's journey?

Heal Your Body * Calm Your Soul * Clear Your Mind * Empower Your Life

Tantric Sex Coaching
Far Away from Brad?  Scroll down page for info on Tantric Coaching over distance via live video conferencing

2 hours:  $275 (US)
3 hours:  $375 (US)

We're going to be working with arousal, breath, movement, sound, and intention.

Sessions can be compared to taking flight.  We're setting ourselves free from usual conditioning, and giving ourselves a chance to explore the familiar--yet surprising--territory within the wilderness of our own selves...and beyond.

A minimum of 2 hours is required.  3 hours is recommended.

We're going to be working with arousal, breath, movement, sound, and intention.

AROUSAL means stepping into a space made for you to feel completely SAFE, loved, held, embraced, and ENCOURAGED to FULLY EXPRESS yourself--including (but not limited to) erotically and sexually!  Yum!

Brad will be guiding you in how to use your breath, your voice, your movements, and your purposeful intent to OPEN UP new pathways in your consciousness.  

Tantra is, ultimately, about opening to new awareness and--ultimately--freedom, because awareness gives us the freedom to make informed, conscious choices about how to live OUR lives for the maximum benefit of ourselves and others.

Tantric Coaching

$125 per hour
$325 for a bundle of three 1-hour sessions
$500 for a bundle of five 1-hour sessions

Some questions people frequently ask about Tantric Coaching via video conferencing, along with sincere answers:

Why would you want to do a Tantric Coaching session via phone or screen?  The first reason is that it's not always possible to get together as soon as we would like, but there's another reason that might surprise you:  Sometimes, we actually are able to touch deeper places in our awareness when we're not body-to-body.  Having some space between us actually can enable us to access powerful subtle energies we might not have even noticed, had we "bulldozed" right over them by following our old habits.  I've found that men in particular are so sexually-wired that when we actually have a chance to consciously sit with our sexual excitement for awhile, without immediately acting on it, we actually start to become aware of ourselves in a new way.  I've done mind-blowing sessions with incredible transformation and change--all via the phone or video interface.

How erotic can you really get over distance?  Many of us would agree that some of the best orgasms we ever had were ones we gave ourselves.  Others of us would like to learn to have MORE fun when we play with ourselves.  And then there are some who are starting to realize the POWER and POTENCY of our OWN SEXUAL PLEASURE to heal our body, clear our mind, and literally CREATE our lives, as the force of creation that it is.  I coach men in how to enjoy their DICK more and use it as a tool for healing and transformation, and that transformation all starts with YOU, not with me.  MmmmmHmmmm...

Is this like life coaching?  Yeah, but maybe more fun :-)  We're going to be working with self-pleasure, movement, intention, breath, and guided visualization.  I LOVE doing this and I can honestly say that some of the most powerful, extraordinary experiences I've had working with men over the past 15 years have been over distance, not just in person.  

To book, email Brad at with 3 suggested times you could meet via video interface in a place where you have complete privacy.  He will then send you a payment link, followed by instructions on how to prepare to make the most of your session, as well as a special link to your private video conferencing room with Brad!  All you'll need to do is click on the link and follow on-screen instructions to see Brad face-to-face!