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Now through September 2

Below, you'll find all of the details, which I've complied for you with great care and consideration.  

I would suggest reading through it and allowing yourself to dream for a bit!  

Then, when you're ready, just click here (or on any one of the links below) to book yourself right into my calendar for a free half-hour phone consult so that we can plan your summer!

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We're talking about the marriage our horny--even lusty--selves with our soul's passion.
The formula is basic...and HOT as sweet summertime!


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Tantric-Erotic Nature Immersions for Men

are fueled by adventure, excitement, male-male erotic pleasure, and FUN!  

We're talking about Tantra--the marriage of opposites...the science of turning obstacles into means...the union of your SEX, SPIRIT & PURPOSE...

Create a 1-on-1 Tantric-Erotic Immersion in nature with me, or bring a favorite lover or fuckbuddy

and let me be your some of my favorite places on Earth, starting right in my own back yard, amidst the ancient, primordial, and nurturing Blue Ridge Mountains...

Here goes...


Available on select Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays in August.  
Read details & costs here, and when you're ready to co-create an evolutionary outdoor erotic adventure with me...

Click on this link to answer some questions, tell me your preferred session date(s), and set up a 30-minute phone call with me on the first available time in my calendar.

2 hours west of Asheville Airport (AVL), NC, USA 
(numerous non-stop, inexpensive flights from NYC, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, & many Florida Cities).

Also...only 3.5 hours north of Atlanta International Airport, USA!

This is one of my favorite places in the world, where I spend as much time as possible in the summer.  It is a community home, to which friends from near and far come to share blissful time and space by a magical lake in the Nantahala National Forest.

Doing sessions here requires generous planning.  For one thing, the place an only be found by way of extraordinarily-detailed directions.  Also, this space is unique because it's a home I share--not only with the birds, frogs, and forest creatures, but my friends.

If you want to come join me here for session-play, it's important to remember that coming here will mean encountering other people besides me. There is a very private place across the lake, where I can take you on my paddle board in 10 minutes, but to get there, we'll need to pass through the main camp, on a peninsula, and say hello to any of our friends who happen to be there at the time.  Once we reach the other side, we will be completely alone all day.  When we come back, we can be on our own or share dinner in the company of friends & community.  I believe that part of what makes my work unique is that I do it within the context of a loving community of friends (many of whom do the same work and are gifted bodyworkers & teachers).  So coming to see me is...really...a retreat, and an immersion in a Tantric way of life.

First, PICK YOUR and select the type of session(s) you feel the most excited about, then come back to this page to continue booking.  Keep in mind that my outdoor sessions start at a minimum of 3.5 hours, at a rate of $450, and that longer sessions are available (see "SESSION OPTIONS & COSTS" below).

LODGING:  If you were to choose this option, I might recommend staying a night or two in the area.  There are probably many beautiful, rural, and tranquil AirBnB's, or I could research a few Bed & Breakfasts for you if you like.


Option 1A:  3.5-hour Tantric-Erotic session:  $450.

Option 1B:  Full-day (7-hour) immersion, including camp-style lunch and/or dinner (depending on time of day or night) and an extended "riding-the-wave" session, which means the thorough enjoyment of prolonged whole-body erotic connection, face to face, body to body, heart to heart...with elements of breath, movement, sound, and inteniton (the builidng blocks of Tantra).  Total cost:  $800 (includes 2 meals, lodging not included)


Pick your preferred time for your free 30-minute phone consult with me on my calendar (below).  When you select your time, you'll also have the option of answering a few provocative questions, which will help me know more about you and set the excitement in motion!  Remember...the Wilderness Lake option is only available until July 22, so if you have a dream of joining me here, it's important to act now!  (Really.). Otherwise, please scroll down for other fantastic options on high-mountain sunny meadows and in deep-forest retreats, some of which include lodging and/or meals!

Remember, this is a nature immersion!  Sometimes, it's sunny and hot.  Sometimes, it's cool and rainy...but I always have shelter available.  The typical summer pattern is hot and sunny for part of the day, then a dramatic thunderstorm in the afternoon   Nature is part of what guides us, surprises us, and supports us in the intention we bring, so be sure to state a clear intention for what you're working with during this ecstatic Tantric-erotic nature immersion!

Can't make it to join me at the lake by July 22?  
Not to worry!  I have two more exquisite places picked out for a deep-nature Tantric-erotic rendezvous, which I've outlined below.  Start your adventure now...keep reading...

OPTION 2:  RETREAT with Lodging in Pisgah National Forest, USA

30 minutes from Asheville Airport (AVL), NC, USA
2.5 hours from Charlotte Int'l Airport (CLT), NC, USA
4.5 hours from Atlanta Airport (ATL), USA

July 27-August 27 
Sunday Evenings through Thursdays Only 
Minimum of 7-10 Days' Advanced Notice Required.
Please read all details and follow instructions for booking below.

This is a magical shangri-la nestled in the Pisgah National Forest, at the base of the highest mountains in Eastern North America.  You could stay magical forest dwellings made of bamboo or even in an underground stone cottage.  

This is a retreat center designed for personal retreats, so there will other people will be around...but there is ample privacy for sessions, thanks to the fact that the place literally sits at the edge of a vast, never-ending forest of millions of acres.  I've done sessions here in the forest for the past 15 years.  We could do your session in the privacy of the treehouse or underground cottage (if available) or in the nearby forest next to a waterfall or stream.

I recommend you arrive Sunday evening and stay till Tuesday.  Our session would be Monday, including a break for some lunch, as well as dinner among the fireflies in twilight.


Option 2A--Extended Afternoon-Long Session, 1-5 PM (Mondays through Thursdays only, July 27-August 27
including 2 night's lodging, the night before and after your session:  $675

Option 2B--Extended Session, Noon-8 PM, July 27-Aug. 27 (Mon-Thurs. only) 

including lunch and dinner on session day + 2 night's lodging:  $850


Scroll down past the "Higher-Altitude Forests & Meadows" option and
follow STEPS FOR BOOKING at the bottom of this page!

Higher-Altitude Forests and Meadows

1 hour from Asheville Airport (AVL), NC, USA
3 hours from Charlotte Int'l Airport, NC, USA
4 hours from Atlanta Int'l Airport, USA

available with at least 7-10 days' advanced booking, August 3-Sept. 2

Accessible from the famous Blue Ridge Parkway, just 1 hour west of Asheville/Hendersonville, this is one of my absolute favorite places in the world, where water trickles out of the rocks.  I literally get all of my drinking water from a spring here.  There is a meadow a short walk from a parking area, where no one goes, since most everyone goes the other direction, toward the top of 6000-foot Black Balsam Knob.  I often sit here for days and see no one, even though I can hear them.  I've done many sessions here in secluded sunny meadows and beneath a gigantic balsam fir tree, completely safe and nurturing, with total privacy.

2 Options:

Option 3A--Extended afternoon-long session, Noon-5:00 PM (including lunch or mid-afternoon snacks):  $555
Option 3B--Day-Long Tantric-Erotic Nature Immersion, 1-9 PM, including twilight dinner :  $750

We'll be completely alone, even within close proximity to where you park.  One important thing to keep in mind is that the weather changes constantly at this altitude.  Rains can come suddenly, so I always have a tent available to duck into for cozy body contact or hot, sweaty fun.  The tent becomes a sauna when the sun is out.  I often set up a massage table on the meadow, so that even when it's 69 degrees, the hot sun make the surface super-hot for hot-oil fun :-)

How do I book it?

Booking an outdoor Tantric-Erotic Immersion Session is FUN, but it does require a bit of planning.

You see, the fact that I'm offering these experiences in magnificent far-away places means that...

I'm often away in magnificent, far-away places!

So scheduling is a 3-step process:


PICK YOUR SESSION:  Go to and select the type of session(s) you feel the most excited about, then come back to this page to continue booking.  Keep in mind that my outdoor sessions start at a minimum of 3.5 hours, at a rate of $450, and that longer sessions are available (see "Session Options & Costs," which are listed beneath each location.

and this is the most important step 

Set up your free 30-minute phone consult with me so we can co-create an experience that will send a rush of energy from our cocks and balls to our hearts.  Just pick the best time for our call from available times on my calendar (below), where you'll also be invited to answer a few optional questions to tell me more about how we can make this one of the most memorable, delicious erotic experiences of your life!


Get Ready for Transformational Erotic FUN!

Once we've talked and selected dates for your session(s), I'll book you in my calendar with a pre-paid deposit toward your session.  Now that all of the set-up is done, I get to send you a detailed confirmation email with helpful reminders on how to make the absolute most of this special time we've created for your own personal Tantric-erotic evolution!


I'm very excited to see you soon!

Please use the links above to book a phone call in my calendar so that I can have the pure pleasure of calling you at a designated time, in between my deep-forest sojourns.   Love you!  Brad.

Looking into the future...

Check back here for updates

on outdoor Tantric-Erotic nature immersions in Joshua Tree, California in late October and on Hawaii's Big Island Nov. 17-Dec. 17.