Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men



Oct. 27-30
Joshua Tree, CA
1 hour northeast of Palm Springs

I'll also be in NORTHERN ARIZONA Oct. 31-Nov. 2.  If you would like a session in Northern Arizona, we'll find the right place!  Please read through this information page, select your session type, and book a free phone call with me so that we can work out the details!

Transformational 1-on-1 Tantric-Erotic Sessions for MEN

Join me for a dynamic, life-changing 1-on-1 session, sky-clad, outdoors, in complete privacy in one of the most splendid, private, and invigorating natural settings I've ever found.

I'll be offering every type of session from my repertoire during this short and rare visit to Southern California.  

Best session times this time of the year are at 9 AM and 3 PM, but I assure you that there always will be ample sun, ample shade, and ample man-to-man privacy any time of the day or evening in this magical land of wonderful rock formations and sparse higher-altitude forests of Joshua Trees and even pines. 


$555 for a 4-hour erotic session
(Your session starts from the moment I meet you at the parking lot, and includes a 20 to 30-minute desert hiking adventure at each end.  Weather is gorgeous this time of year--generally in the 80's.)

Many men come to see me in my home territory, near Asheville, NC, but this rare trip presents an unusual opportunity for men who would like to come and see me without traveling so far.

Joshua Tree is within easy driving distance of:

 San Diego
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
and points further.  

I recommend picking out your lodging in the vicinity of the village of Joshua Tree, California and making a retreat out of it!  I'm even willing to offer a series of sessions or extended half-day or evening-long immersions.

If you would like to meet me in northern Arizona for outdoor fun Oct. 31-Nov. 2, please proceed with booking a free phone call (below) and we'll talk!

Minimum of 7-10 Days' Advanced Notice Required.
Please read all details and follow instructions for booking below.
Your session begins by clicking on my booking link (below), signing up for a free chat with me on the phone, and answering a few questions about what excites the living fuck out of you about this wonderful rendezvous in the desert with me!


Booking an outdoor Tantric-Erotic Immersion Session is FUN, but it does require a bit of planning.

You see, the fact that I'm offering these experiences in magnificent far-away places means that...

I'm often away in magnificent, far-away places!

So scheduling is a 3-step process:


PICK YOUR SESSION:   Some of the most dynamic sessions to do in the desert are Erotic Magic & Excitement and Dom-Sub Fun (for example-- "dirty rasslin' & bondage").  Deep-nature experiences are also a place to touch deep places of heart, passion, and soul, which is why all of my sessions are built on a foundation of Sacred Intimacy and Tantra.  Keep in mind that the rates you'll see quoted under each type of session are indoor, incall rates.  My outdoor session generally last 4 hours, from start to finish, at a rate of $555, and longer sessions are available.

Tight-Underwear Hard-On Action with My Lover


and this is the most important step 

Set up your free 30-minute phone consult with me so we can co-create an experience that will send a rush of energy from our cocks and balls to our hearts.  Just pick the best time for our call from available times on my calendar (below), where you'll also be invited to answer a few optional questions to tell me more about how we can make this one of the most memorable, delicious erotic experiences of your life!


Get Ready for Transformational Erotic FUN!

Once we've talked and selected dates for your session(s), I'll book you in my calendar with a pre-paid deposit toward your session.  Now that all of the set-up is done, I get to send you a detailed confirmation email with helpful reminders on how to make the absolute most of this special time we've created for your own personal Tantric-erotic evolution!

I'm very excited to see you soon!

Please use the links above to book a phone call in my calendar so that I can have the pure pleasure of calling you at a designated time, in between my deep-forest sojourns and other endeavors.   Love you!  Brad.