I Don't Want to Show You My Face

Touching the ecstatic also means diving deep into the darkest places

5/13/20241 min read

Puffy-eyed from crying so hard my eye sockets hurt…

Unable to see my own eyeballs in the mirror, my eyelids are so swollen

No, I would rather you not see my face today

Nor try to tell you about the bewildering wonders of ecstatic mind-blowing sex

Nor the heartache of saying goodbye to a dear beloved…

Or the relationship between ecstasy and grief…

I can show you later, when I come out of this crysalis…

Until I can show you, just take my word for it…

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Nor was my heart

And for all of the heights you’ve seen me soar

I had to dive deep into the abyss

To explore worlds unknown to man

As deep as I could go

Until I could touch the sky on the other side.

Gay-Men, and Bless-It-Be