90-Minute "Prime the Pump" Session for Male Couples

Step 1: Answer "7 Provocative Questions for Couples"


Step 2: Prepare Your Body, Heart, and Soul for Your Session

Step 3: Set Up Your Space for Your Session

Click Here to answer my 7-question questionnaire for male couples who are ready to take their sex lives--and their lives as a whole--to the next level.

It's important that each of you answer the questions independently of the other, on your own. Your answers will inspire me in the way I craft our session(s) together. I'll be keeping your answers completely confidential and won't be sharing any specifics of your answers with your partner.

Here are some simple, yet impactful, ways you can set your intentions for a dynamic, powerful, surprising, creative, and fun session with me:

  • Expect the unexpected. Irregardless of what state your sex life was in at the time when you booked this session, you can expect to experience pleasant surprises in this session. Preparing yourself to be pleasantly surprised is the best way to open the way to discover something new, creative, relieving and powerful about yourself, your relationship(s) and your life.

  • Prepare Your Body for Sexual Pleasure and Fun! Clean and prepare your body for a sex date! Irregardless of how active or inactive you've been sexually recently, expect up-close and intimate contact with your lover during this session, and imagine that the spectrum of what's possible in this session may be far broader than you could have dreamed.

  • Love and Nurture Your Body and Heart. The depth and potency of your sexual pleasure and overall connection with another is directly proportional to the depth of connection you've created with yourself. If you haven't had a practice of taking some time to yourself to love and nurture your body via meditation, exercise, self pleasure, or some activity that nourishes your soul, then consider finding that practice now!

Shifting your space to accommodate intimacy is the first step in shifting your life to accommodate more intimacy.

The way that you configure and prepare your space for our online session is important. You may be surprised just how much your sex life will immediately begin to flourish when you go through certain steps to create a sanctified, safe space for your full expression together. As you prepare your space for this session, notice how your preparations are inviting you to reconfigure your home--and your life--for deeper intimacy, personal expression, and fun.

  • Make sure that we can clearly SEE another. I recommend using a laptop which can be moved around, so that I can clearly see you and you can clearly see me throughout our exercises and check-ins. Also, be sure that your space is well-lit, either by natural lighting (in the daylight hours) or by good indoor lighting. Of course, you'll want to find a pleasant balance between mood lighting and practical lighting for visibility.

  • Make sure that we can clearly HEAR one another. Please make sure that your setup is such that you can clearly hear me and I can clearly hear you.

  • Consider the possibility of using multiple spaces in your house for the session (or not). I'll be guiding you through exercises which involve standing, getting horizontal, and an array or other creative uses of your space. At a minimum, configure your space and your computer for some sitting, some standing, and a substantial dose of horizontal man-to-man fun. You may choose a room which has a bed (or soft horizontal surface on the floor), some open floor space for standing/movement, and a place to sit...or you may choose to move from room to room with your laptop, as the spirit moves. Whatever space(s) and setup you choose, just bear in mind the importance of being able to see and hear one another.

  • Shut off all notification sounds, put devices in airplane mode, or--if you must--go hide them in your basement or car so you don't have to hear them for 90 minutes.

  • Deflect all visitors and potential distractions. Let anyone in your vicinity who might be tempted to come knocking know that you have an appointment and will be needing complete, uninterrupted privacy for a full 90 minutes (or more...you may continue your session after we hang up!)

  • If you have pets (especially dogs), consider how much you would like their cuddly presence in your sex-play session, or where they would need to be during your session so as to minimize distractions.


I feel so excited to be seeing you soon in a space devoted to pleasure, healing, growth, awakening, and more pleasure and FUN in our lives!

-Sex Coach Brad