Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men

Living Rituals for the Activation of Vision, Healing, and Manifestation
for People of All Genders

with Rev. Brad Amberheart and Monique Darling
This embodied ritual is a sequel to "ECSTASY:  Explorations into Whole-Body Orgasmic Potential".  Consider attending both!

February 8, 2017
San Diego, CA

There is a Source of Life

deeper than all of us

which comes from

a wellspring

of eternal hope

and life.

We are one with all that is,

was, and ever will be.

We gather

to Offer Our Love

to the World's Waters

that we may never thirst

and that our parched earth

may be quenched.

We gather

to summon 

as much pleasure, joy, delight, and ecstatic bodily expression as we can

to devote to the health and well-being of ourselves, our loved ones, and this Earth.

So it is.






an embodied ecstatic RITUAL

dedicated to the exploration

of ecstatic transformation

of heart, body, and soul

heart to heart

body to body

soul to soul

woman to woman

man to man

woman to man

man to woman

trans to trans to woman to man

Dance!  Sing!  Play!  Pray!

with all of your body, heart, and soul

Let everything we say, do, or exude 

be a prayerful


of the Truth


and we are IN LOVE with LIFE



down through these hearts

trickling down

through this body’s CORE


encrusted layers

of grief, shame, and guilt


to a LIFE 

We were BORN to LIVE 

to the fullest.


Welcome Home!




What are you ready to create in your life?

What are you inviting into your life?  

What are you pruning or releasing, in order to make room for new growth or a new flow?  

What aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being are ready for an infusion of life-giving pleasure?

When you're over-flowing with pleasure, to WHOM or to what place in the world would you like to send this extra dose of vitality and love? Consider your own health, the health and well-being of someone you love, your community, AND the places in the world which are in dire need of love, balance, peace...even clean water to drink!

Sexual and Erotic Pleasure will likely be happening at this gathering, in perfect balance with many other human expressions.  We live in a world where SEXUAL and EROTIC pleasure is most often associated with self-gratification or a guilt-driven desire to please "the other". Is this what we really signed up for? No, of course not!  

Try DELIGHT...allow yourself to take full responsibility for your own pleasure. This ritual gathering will provide the perfect opportunity to deepen your relationship to self-pleasure, to listen and respond care-fully to your own desires and needs, and to respond authentically to others while being true to ourselves, in perfect balance.

The potency of our pleasure and our passion ripples out far beyond this room...and...WE get to enjoy generating that wave!  Amen!  Blessed Be.  Aho!

*You may choose to come here to deepen your relationship to your own body using self-pleasure.

*You may choose to come here to sit in meditation, move, sing, drum, dance, play a musical instrument as accompaniment for others' love-making, or even to release your sadness or grief as food for the Earth.

*You may choose to come here with a favorite partner or lover (or two!) and generate pleasure together.

*You may choose to come to the center of the circle to collectively generate sensual-erotic pleasure with others. 

All shared touch will be generated from a resounding heart-space of"YES!"

We offer all that we share here as a blessing for each other, our loved ones, and this Earth.  It is so.  Aho!  Amen.

More About What Sex as Prayer Really Means

Are you ATTRACTED to Him?
         A Real-Life Story by Brad Amberheart

One of my lovers is twice my age.
“Are you attracted to him?” somebody asks me.

I think of my lover...his deep blue eyes filled with ecstatic joy...Then I look at the person asking me this question, and I find myself saying, “Attracted? Ummmm….I lose touch with the meaning of that word, when I think of the people I make love with..”

I’m not attracted to women, for instance….I don’t get physically excited just by looking at a woman’s physical features…but I enjoy exquisite love-making with some womeh, just as I do with a man twice my age.

HOW? And WHY would I make love with someone I don’t find exciting at first sight…someone for whom I don’t immediately feel a strong physical attraction?

When I make love with a lover who understands that we get to fly when we make love, that we get to see God in all of his/her many renditions….when my lover understand that I get to touch, smell, taste, hear, see, and feel the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, all at once…

Then it no longer matters how OLD THEY ARE
how big their DICK is
what size BRA they wear,
or even what GENDER they are!

I practiced touching God for 9 years by myself, from age 14 to 22. I learned to have ecstatic dick-to-balls, balls-to-heart-to-cock tingling fun BY MYSELF, so that when I finally found someone willing to share that experience with me, I was as excited as fuck, and so were they! I could’ve done it alone—and I did, for 9 years. Now, I had someone to share it with. I didn't NEED them to excite me. I only needed them to get as EXCITED AS I WAS, then come CELEBRATE with me in that bliss.

That’s what I’m still doing, and that’s what Sex as Prayer is really all about—We get to Fly. We get to connect with God. We celebrate the ecstatic pleasure we find in our OWN body Everyone else who shows up and is ready to do the same—ready to take responsibility for their own pleasure—are our compadres on an ecstatic journey back to the place we call HOME.

19 JANUARY 2018