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$25 offering
We expect the space to reach maximum capacity, so 
Advanced ticket purchase is required to secure your space at this ritual.
No one will be turned away for lack of funds.  If you would prefer to exchange some time and energy to help with setup and cleanup for this event or other events we're hosting this weekend, please email Brad at well in advance (as soon as you decide you want to be there).

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Reactivate Your World 
from the Cock and Balls, UP!

The time has come

for all of us to recognize

the potency of our hot sexual passion

to create significant change in ourselves

and in this world.

Now is the time.

This is the place.

What are YOU ready to activate in your life and in your world?


Where is your passion?

What really matters to you on a day to day basis?

Are you willing to conceive--just for a moment--that your SEXUAL EXCITEMENT can benefit you, your family, and this world?

when you Participate

More About SEXUAL ACTIVISM, its Origins, and the AGREEMENTS for Participating:

The last time I facilitated this ritual for a group of men was during the high-summer, Hot July Moon in the summer of 2018.  We were in a beautiful forest clearing, it had just rained, and we were preparing for an outdoor erotic ritual with 18 men.  Among them were 2 men, a couple, who raised concerns about how and with whom they would interact, considering that they normally played only with each other.

At that moment of consideration, the phone rang at the retreat center where we were.
Someone came out of the house to get me, saying, "It's for you, Brad!" 

It was my mother, calling a half-hour before I was to facilitate a full-moon sex ritual for men.
And she had horrible news.

My nephew had been killed in a tragic accident, and I needed to come home.  I told my mother and my family I would be there the next day, but now...there was nothing left for me to do, but this ritual...

I returned to the men and delivered the news, including the couple who had been questioning the best way to play in a group while still honoring the integrity of their relationship, and recommended these

for Participation in Sexual Activism Ritual

You can play alone, solo.
You can play alone with your Lover.
You can play with other men if you like.
You can dance.
You can sing.
You can lovingly bear witness.
You can release your grief...
but whatever you do,
do it for my family,
and for your family,
and for the people who have hurt.

It doesn't matter what you do,
just do it with all of your heart,
in a larger-than-life way.
Do it for each other, and for your health.
Do it for the people you love,
and do it for this world.


This is a place to sing.
This is a place to be sung-to.
This is a place to breathe
a place to be held
and a place to behold.

This is a place to PLAY
a place to FUCK...
even a place to SHOOT YOUR CUM in the name of a good life.

Whatever you do, 
do it for your health, your vitality, and the greater good.
Put aside your fears.

You have the sovereign right
at all times
to Play alone
to Play with ONE
or to PLAY with ALL who say YESSS!

But above all...come here to ask your questions 
and receive new insight
for our lives

Thank you!
See you There