It's your turn now!

Sacred intimate sessions put aside the tired agendas of gay men's sex, and open us to wildly exciting possibilities we may have been overlooking in our rush for the "finish line".

Anything can happen in this session. What matters most is that I'm guiding us into deeper and deeper presence together.

It could very well be that you walk into this session and immediately melt into a state which defies gravity and logic...where you forget every agenda. You might even forget your fucking name! If this happens, forget that we ever had a "plan," trust it, and go with it!

Let go! I'm here to encourage, support, and allow the full flourishing of your own erotic pleasure, excitement, creativity, and fun!

By this point in your life, you may have given yourself the gift of receiving erotic massages from sexy men, but today, you're here for something different...

The experience of walking into a room where you're greeted by a fully-attentive lover who is open to exploring the full range of body-heart excitement and the full depth of man-on-man soulful erotic connection is what we call the art of erotic sacred intimacy.

Consider...What might happen if someone actually slowed down and tuned into us long enough to allow ourselves to fully feel and express what genuinely excites the living fuck out of our body, our heart, and our soul?

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$375 for 2 hours

$555 for 3 hours

Longer sessions and immersive 1-on-1 retreats available. Just ask!