Thank You, Lover

a story of deep grief

5/11/20241 min read

“Thank You, Lover,” is all I can say

When the day comes for you to leave—or stay.

The broom-straw in the field is already more than waist-high.

The bird-songs have gone from mating

To full-birth.

The mountains sing in their regalia of full-summer green

And I…

Well, I celebrate here, with my tears

Because I love you.

Blessed Journeys, Lover.

It’s heart-breaking

To watch my best playmate move away.

The greatest pleasure I get

Is in the tears I shed

Which break open my heart

To a new level of meaning

And memory

Of who I am

And why I’m here on the Earth.

I watch you wave goodbye

Knowing you’re always here.

My heart cries itself to sleep

While the wood thrush sings at midnight

And the owls say, “It’s OK…you're doing it right…

Just keep on opening…

And let in the light.”

Gay-Men, Ay-Them, and Hallelujah!

Thank You, Lover.