Brad Amberheart in Europe!

  1. Pick a Place to you would love to meet for a series of erotic sessions or a multiple-day 1-on-1 Tantric-erotic immersion with me...anywhere on the European Continent!

  1. Decide which type of session package you want to set up with me (see below!)

Suggested settings for our rendezvous are Portugal, Majorca, Ibiza, or Sicily, but I am open to other possibilities.

  1. Kindly fill out my questionnaire so I know more about you, and we'll set up a time to talk by phone!

Brad Amberheart Multi-Day "Deep-Dive" Tantric-Erotic Immersion in Europe

September 2024

Take a deep-dive, multiple-day Tantric-erotic immersion with me in your favorite place, in your preferred lodging.

I generally offer multi-day immersions to men who've already done some session work with me before, but there are always exceptions, when your heart's desire is a perfect match for what I love to do well!

Our time together will include on-our-own-time for at least 3-4 hours each day. We'll each have our own bedroom for optimal rest, or it may even work out that we each have our own house or cottage. Daytime and early evening hours will be devoted to multiple Tantric-erotic sessions, walks, nature excursions, naps, and creating meals together.

Multiple-day personal retreats are a place to bring your intentions for renewal, guidance, and new insight.

  • 4-day, 3 night, 1-on-1, Custom-Designed, Guided Retreat (Example: Thursday to Sunday)

  • 6 sacred intimacy, dom-sub excitement, erotic magic, eroshamanic, or evolutionary escorting sessions averaging 3 hours in length, over the course of the full retreat. Click Here to Review My Full Menu of Session Offerings and decide which types of sessions excite you the most!

  • 2 aquatic rebirth sessions (where available, skin-clad or with light wetsuit) or deep-relaxation shamanic bodywork/breathwork in lieu of aquatic rebirth. (I learned this method in Ibiza in August, but if the water is still warm in September or you're into light wetsuits, then...YESSS!🌞)

  • Two 1-Hour Consultations by phone/video to craft your sessions before your trip

  • One 1-Hour follow-up via phone or video within 5 days after your return home from your retreat

  • Detailed written guide for your personal retreat time, session preparation, and integration (including exercises and practices you can do on your own before, during, and after your retreat).

  • Select video downloads relating to sacred intimacy, sexual magic, and transformational sexuality for your preparation, inspiration and enjoyment. Yours to keep!


Cost: 3800--includes all meals, prepared & shared together

(Does not include lodging costs, your transportation, or my transportation within Europe.)