Underwater Aquatic Rebirth with Brad Amberheart

In 2019, I journeyed first to Oaxaca, Mexico and--later the same year--to Ibiza, Spain to verse myself in one of the most potent and deeply transformational healing modalities I have yet to experience (other than SEX)!

Transform * Awaken * Remember

I've been practicing now for 5 full years, offering sessions to everyone I can, in every body of water I could find, from lakes to swimming pools to hot tubs to oceans. I've even learned to let the waves work for me!

Welcome to transformational warm-water aquatic rebirth! I fucking love this shit! It's an art-form, as much as sex...

Which is why I'm offering underwater aquatic rebirth now in some of my favorite places in the world, as part of a package deal which includes meals, multiple sessions in the warm waters, and of course--Tantric lovemaking sessions in bed or outdoors!

If you're a man who loves men who would like to reclaim the healing power of your sexual pleasure...who would like to discover that the very source of your virility is your connection with that soft, still place in the core of your body, heart, and soul, then I welcome you to explore multiple-day Tantric-erotic immersions with me in tropical places, warm springs, or other warm waters.