Abduction Scenes & Outdoor Naked Man Fun!

with Nature Daddy

Get in the Car

Get Hard

Lose Control

Daddy wants to excite your fucking DICK and make you wanna cum...BAD.

He's gonna keep you excited--head to fucking toe--long enough to help you forget your fucking name while he reminds you just how special you are, and how much you deserve to live the life of your fucking dreams.

This is pure magic.

Bring an intention to see your life's most beautiful dreams flash before your eyes.

Reset your mind, revitalize your heart, and give your excited fucking body the treat that it needs and deserves.


Fill out my questionnaire. Fill it out a week, two weeks, or even a month or two before your desired session date. Tell me what excites the living fuck out of you. Use a "real computer" so you can take your time putting your full excitement into words as best you can.



We'll talk, man-to-man, about what's making you so excited right now that your fucking balls are just about to bust. I'll guide you in taking deep, full breaths with me so that you can be fully present with me and your excitement. We'll agree on a time and a place to meet for your session.

Wait for a text or email from me to set up a time for a 30-minute phone call to talk about the excitement in store.



I'll collect a 50% deposit from you via Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle, or I can send you a booking link to book & pay by credit card. Payments are for the time & focused attention it takes to set up your session. What we do after we meet is completely between two consenting adult men.


I'll send you a very detailed confirmation email with a precise mapped location of where you're going to be meeting me, along with specific instructions to remind you just what a lucky, excited fucker you are, as well as specific exercises you can do to manage your excitement levels until that fan-fucking-tastic day when we meet!


I'll guide you on one of the greatest fucking thrill-rides of your life, with the express intent of helping you gain access to new clarity and renewed vision for living a thriving, fulfilling life on this Earth!

Everything I do or say with you is with the express intent of exciting the living fuck out of you, while helping you remember your worth, your beauty, and your life's dreams.

The tools I use vary from session to session, are generally non-technical, and are geared towards bare-hands, man-on-man excitement. I turn men on in every way I can, by way of hot underwear, leather, fetish gear, climax-edge-play, rope bondage, masks/disguises, and impacting your body with my bare hands (or--if you beg for it--with my belt).

To see an enticing list of some of my favorite ways to make men want to CUM, click here, then come back to this page.

Above all, regardless of just how rough, wild, or nasty I get with you, remember...I'm a soulful, kind, loving guy who likes to play dirty for the ultimate benefit of you, me, and all those concerned. So it is.

Thank you!

Nature Daddy

Would you ever guess that such a filthy fucker could be so sweet?

This is a high-excitement situation between two consenting adults.


$395 for 90 minutes

$495 for 2 hours

$707 for 3 hours

Longer sessions and immersive 1-on-1 retreats available. Click Here

  • Am I in Danger? No. You're with a caring, compassionate man who--much like you--took care of his elders when they were sick and dying, and who knows how to care for people in a deeply heart-centered way.

  • Is Doing Something Like this in Public a Risk? You'll have the option of meeting me at a designated location and walking to privacy, or having me "abduct" you in my van and take you away to pig-squealing paradise.😈 My van has tinted windows, and it's very difficult (if not impossible) to see in it, especially when it's daylight and bright outside. Also, when someone or someones are lying down in the bed in the back, no one can see you/us when walking by, nor does anyone look. I also may cover you with a light blanket or sheet, and soon after I initiate my first body-contact with you, I'll be driving the van to an even less-conspicuous location, not far away. The place where I'm going to take you will likely will involve backing the van into a space so that the back faces away from the road, into the forest. No one will have a chance to see you. The most important thing you can do is rest assured that I surround this session with all kinds of positive, affirmative prayers. This is a beautiful space for you to be. I've got you...in a really good way.

  • Will we be getting out of the van? We will have the option to get out of the van or stay in. Believe me when I say it doesn't matter and that there's nothing we have to do--the #1 rule is that I'm going to excite the living fuck out of you and keep you as excited as you can stand, whether we're in my van the whole time, whether we're outdoors, or whether I take you to another private indoor space nearby. Whether or not we get out and walk will depend partly on the weather, partly on your physical condition or needs, and partly on how you feel that day. Either way, we probably won't be going far, and I'll be taking really good care of you. Your job is to let go, enjoy, know that you're nourished, provided-for, and in good hands.

  • Is this all about rough play? No. I'm starting your session off with a bang, meaning that I'm going to excite the fuck out of you from the get-go, in every way I know how, including pinning you down, sitting on your fucking face, teasing your dick...teasing you with my dick within millimeters of your hungry face and making you beg for it...even tying you up (unless you say the "safe" word at any time, which is "CROCODILE").

  • So yes, I'll be rough-housing you only as much as supports your throbbing dick and excited body. Trust me...I will have already asked you your limits on the phone, and I'll only be doing what excites the living fuck out of you.

  • Once I've started you off with plenty of man-on-man excitement, I'll also be introducing affirmative language (ie. "You're such a sexual fucker and so much fun to play with" or "I'm helping you remember how it feels to be a really FUN fuckbuddy" or "You deserve the very best in life".

  • Throughout the session, I'll be remembering that you constantly care for other people in your life, and that this is a day to remember what it feels like to be loved, cared-for, and--yes--excited to the bone.

Dom-Sub "Abduction" Q & A


If you're coming to see me for a session or two, consider staying a few days among the most ancient mountains on Earth. I have a list of vacation rentals I can recommend, and can make suggestions for activities you can do between sessions to help integrate your experience.

Occasionally, for men who feel excited to dive into a life-changing experience, I offer multiple-day residential immersions.

If you've read this far, that means you're ready to see my free video, "Kinky Sex Magic," to get an up-close-and personal experience of what happens when domination-submission play meets transformation, healing, & magic! Enjoy!